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Q&A for Travelers

Can I make changes to my booking?

Yes! You can make changes to your booking from your confirmation email or at Depending on the property’s policy,

How do I get more information about the room or property's facilities?

You can find the room and property facilities in your booking confirmation.

I will be arriving outside check-in hours. Can I still check-in?

This depends on the property who will do their best to meet your needs, but cannot guarantee your request. You can do either of the following:

Can we get extra beds/cots for my child(ren)?

It depends on the property’s policy. Additional costs for children, including extra beds/cots, are not included in the reservation price. Please contact the property directly for this information.

What does the price include?

All the facilities listed under the room type are included in the room price. To see the facilities, just click on the room name. You can see if breakfast or anything else, such as taxes, are included by rolling your cursor over the text in the column called ‘Conditions’. This information will also be in your confirmation email, and can be found in your account when you sign in. If you don’t have an account, you can create one here

Are the prices shown on per person or per room?

The price we show is for the room for the entire length of the stay, unless otherwise stated in the room type and description.

Is breakfast included in the price?

This depends on the hotel and the room type.

Do I pay a reservation fee to

No, we do not charge any fees at all.

What's prepayment?

Some properties require a prepayment. The prepayment is an amount charged by the property, ahead of your stay. The date of the payment, and how much is charged, depends on the property’s prepayment policy.

What fees are included or excluded from my booking? does not charge a booking fee. Any additional charges or taxes you do see are defined by the property and local tax rules.

Can I pay for my stay in advance?

Possibly, but it’s up to the property.

When will I be charged?

It’s up to the property and depends on your payment policy. It’s best to ask the property directly.

Does the property need a deposit or a payment in advance?

It depends on the booking’s payment policy.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes! Any cancellation fees are determined by the property and listed in your cancellation policy. You will pay any additional costs to the property.

Where can I find my property's cancellation policy?

You can find this in hotel page.

How can I communicate with a hotel or other service ?

You can directly connect with hotel or any other listing owners using website, email and contact numbers

What are the check-in and check-out times of a hotel?

Check-in and check-out times differ for each hotel. You will find them on the “Hotel Policies” section at the bottom of the hotel page.

How do I get more information about the room or hotel facilities?

Room facilities are clearly listed under each room type, to see the full list and photos just click on your desired room type.

How do I find out if a hotel allows pets?

Pet policies are always displayed on the hotel’s page under “Hotel Policies”.

How do I know if the hotel has parking facilities and how can I reserve it?

Under ‘Hotel Facilities’ you can see whether or not the hotel has parking, and if any restrictions apply. If the hotel requests you reserve parking, please contact them directly with the contact information provided in your booking confirmation.

Q&A for Partners

Why do we have a Clear & Transparent Pricing ?

Our pricing structure is based on the idea that the price you set is what guests pay. We don’t add anything on top so you can to price your property competitively and get more guests.

Do we charge a Commission ?

NO! Commission is: 0%

Monthly / yearly membership charges only.

The membership charge you pay goes towards ?
  • Support 24/7 through phone and email
  • Promotion of your place on search engines and affiliate websites
  • Commercial and technical advice from our team in your local area
What will happen after I sign up?

After you’ve registered your property, we’ll review your information to make sure we have everything we need. Then you’ll receive an email with login details for your Extranet. This is where you’ll go to update your availability and prices.

how we’re helping you feel confident welcoming guests ?

Your Peace of Mind Is Our Top Priority

  • Your place, your rules – Pick your prices, policies, and rules for guests
  • We’ve got your back – Access to 24/7 support and guest misconduct reporting
  • Find your perfect match – Set requirements and criteria guests need to fulfill
Open and close your property when you want

We give you the freedom to open or close your property on our site whenever you want. With no lock-in contracts, you're in control of your property just give us call.

We don't charge guests

We don't add anything on to the price. Unlike other platforms that usually charge guests, the price you set is the price we display.

You control your availability

Only accept guests during the summer or maybe just weekends, at you decide when you want guests.

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